Your baby's first tooth is an exciting event!

Most babies get their first tooth between 4 and 7 months.  A few don't get one until after their first birthday! By age 3 most toddlers have a full set of 20 teeth!

Watch for signs of teething:

~ Acting a little cranky


~ wanting to chew hard things

~puffy, red gums-especially in the front of the mouth, where teeth usually come in first

Some babies have a MINOR fever when teething. But a high fever (0ver 101F) and diarrhea are NOT caused by teething.

Tips for soothing sore gums:

~Gently rub baby's gums with your finger or a wet washcloth

~offer a teething ring made of firm rubber. Don't use liquid-filled rings, since they break easily

Keep things COOL

~it helps with pain & swelling

~Chill a teething ring, pacifier or wet washcloth (don't freeze it) Anything to hard, could hurt their gums

~Offer a chunk of frozen fruit in a baby-safe mesh bag feeder

Try a Pain Medicine:

~if your baby is very uncomfortable, Acetaminophen (infants Tylenol) or Ibuprofen (Motrin/Advil-for babies over 6  months old) are helpful-follow dosage guidelines on box

~AVOID RUB-ON TEETHING GELS. Many contain benzocaine, and ingredient with sides effects in young babies

~NEVER use liquor on baby's gums