Billing and Fees


All co-payments are expected at time of service.

Missed appointment (if not cancelled 2 hours prior)


Missed well appointments (not cancelled 24 hrs prior)


Returned check


Co-payment not paid at time of service


School/sports/daycare/camp form
(unless associated with a well visit)


Transfer records out

$15 per patient,
$30 max per family


Our contracts with insurance companies require that we verify your current coverage and collect your co-payment at each visit. Please bring your insurance card to every appointment.



As you may know, there are very specific regulations about billing for health care services.  As your health care provider, we are obligated to follow those regulations in how we report services provided to you.  Additionally, every insurance plan may have different rules that vary from insurer to insurer and may even vary between plans of the same insurer. All physicians/providers must report services using a variety of codes to tell the insurance company what was done and why

It is not uncommon for patients in the course of a visit to receive management and treatment services for a separate and specific problem, as well as routine or preventive services at the same visit.

Both services must be reported to the insurance company and may result in an additional co-payment or charge as per the insurer's plan rules, which we are obligated to follow. There are many different insurance companies and plans; addressing a problem may trigger a co-payment or additional charges to your account.

Your financial responsibility is determined by rules of your insurance company, which we are obligated to follow.

If you have questions, please check with your insurance plan. We are dedicated to providing the best possible care for you and your family and to being respectful of your time.